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ClearData Forensics provides many computer and smartphone related services

ClearData Forensics provides expertise in computer and smartphone forensics analysis and investigations, computer misuse, data recovery, electronic shredding, and more.

If you are involved with litigation we can help at every step of the way, from making a forensic image of the source to conducting a forensic analysis of hard drives and smartphones through assisting with case preparation and beyond.

We can recover lost or deleted emails and files from failed or reformatted hard drives.  We can even recover files from formatted drives.  If you need an email or file recovered, stop using the computer immediately!  See Computer911.

When a computer or copier is simply disposed of, it contains vast quantities of information, including personal files, user IDs, and passwords.  Many cleanup programs do not eliminate all of your personal information.  Donít give your life away.  Call an expert to clean your hard drive first.

Our expertise includes the following operating systems.

  • DOS
  • Windows
  • Novell

Our expertise includes the following disk structures.

  • FAT (Early versions of Windows, memory cards, Mac)
  • NTFS (Newer versions of Windows: NT, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8)
  • HPFS

Our expertise includes the following storage media.

  • Floppies
  • IDE hard drives
  • SATA hard drives
  • SCSI hard drives
  • Camera memory cards
  • USB drives (thumb drives)
  • SD memory cards
  • Compact Flash memory cards

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